As a mother and advocate for children, it feels critical that I use my influence for their educational and creative advancement. For me, that means stepping in where I’m skilled, qualified, passionate, and most useful: reading and creative writing.

I am currently employed as an Instructional Technical Assistant at a public charter high school. Every day, I work with students of arrayed reading, writing, and comprehension levels. The joy in this position comes when a frustrated child has an aha moment; knowing that with the right system, attitude, and mentor, they’ll soon be able to finally read and write on grade level.

With everything I’ve learned at work, in addition to prior years of experience mentoring and privately caring for children in my community, I now confidently offer the following services to 2nd-5th grade level readers:

  • Private Reading Tutoring – $20/hour
  • Private Writing Tutoring – $20/hour
  • Small Group Reading Tutoring (1-5 students) – $15/hour
  • 4 Week Creative Writing Workshop (Story + 1 character formation, development, and completion) – TBD

Hour-long tutoring sessions are available 1-2 times per week.

Students will be assessed after a mandatory meeting with parents. My goal is to establish open and honest communication between us, while helping your child reach their learning potential. In the event that I am not an adequate tutor for your student, I will quickly voice those concerns and help you find better resources.

If you are interested in scheduling a session or would like more information, please fill out the Contact Form below.

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