She Ain’t Even Herself

She Ain’t Even Herself September 23, 2018 © Ariel C. Williams   I have a confession: I am speaking at a women’s conference next Saturday at my church. Every quarter they host Chat & Chews for the women. This one is slated to be the biggest one, I think. I was asked several months ago […]

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A Mad Woman

A Mad Woman I’m mad because he’s not my husband. Not because I love him and hate you. Because seeing him with you is a blatant and constant reminder that I — conscious, woke, able bodied, kind hearted — am alone. At first, the loneliness was welcomed because its wasn’t lonely. It was a distraction […]

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The Room

The Room “Mikey, the last thing I want to hear is that your wife is sorry. Steve’s lunch holds more value than any news concerning her,” June said. “Your wickedness knows no bounds. Your parrot’s life perils in comparison to Clair. It’s no wonder Dad left you,” Michael said. “Ha,” she said. “Jerry’s spineless ass […]

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Stinky Waters

Stinky Waters Stephanie stood at the top of the stairs shaking her head and tapping her foot. It was the third time this month she reminded Dan and Emma to toss their clothes in the hamper instead of the floor. While trying to keep her cool, she asked Emma, “Didn’t I tell you to put […]

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Green with Envy

Green with Envy Nothing stranger could have happened today, Michael thought to himself as he found a huge green box on the front porch. The sides were shiny, and the top seemed to have a surface flatter than any one he’d ever seen. “Who could have sent me this?” Michael said aloud. “I haven’t given […]

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Going Home

Going Home | Flash Fiction “That’s the last time I let Robert borrow my car,” Samantha muttered while putting out a cigarette. It was rainy and cold outside, and she’d forgotten her jacket again. With a cell phone nearing 20% battery life, any woman would feel worried under those circumstances. Not Samantha. Instead of feeling […]

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The Sun

The Sun The sand bled through her toes at every flick of the ankle, each grain of salt representing a week spent in intensive therapy. When the wind blew east, energy and compassion overcame her, while at the west, depression and suicide knocked. The voices in her head were constant and loud, something that would […]

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