A Time to Cherish

There’s a dormant fairytale inside me hoping to welcome you in. A knight in shining armor you’d be, whisking me away to whatever happily ever after looks and feels like for someone like me. I bask in blissful wonderment every morning before an electronic device rudely interrupts with blaring red numbers and screeching sounds. Before […]

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Sheila Wonders

The toxicity between us has reached it’s boiling point — uncomfortable body language, disgusted sighs, snatching of the arms, white lies disguised as jokes have become too familiar. Blatant miscommunication, pre-meditated button-pushing topics make discussion, and we both leave, perplexed that we used to love one another. A human can only take so much of […]

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Introductions February 3, 2019 © Ariel C. Williams   A lot was happening at once. Glenn Jones reminded the crowd he was from Duval before church-crooning about love. Two nice ladies from New York sold us books drenched in Zora’s excellence. Africans lined the brown brick road selling modcloth, figurines, butters, and oils from the […]

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A Mad Woman

A Mad Woman I’m mad because he’s not my husband. Not because I love him and hate you. Because seeing him with you is a blatant and constant reminder that I — conscious, woke, able bodied, kind hearted — am alone. At first, the loneliness was welcomed because its wasn’t lonely. It was a distraction […]

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SLIP: Words on Self-Love

Slip: Shame Loneliness Isolation Pain February 15, 2018 © Ariel C. Williams   Cut myself off from love Mama grabbed me by the face and cried Said she don’t want her baby Hurting and raging inside   Said I was made to love  To be loved and a help mate that’s whole That I should […]

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