Sheila Wonders

The toxicity between us has reached it’s boiling point — uncomfortable body language, disgusted sighs, snatching of the arms, white lies disguised as jokes have become too familiar. Blatant miscommunication, pre-meditated button-pushing topics make discussion, and we both leave, perplexed that we used to love one another. A human can only take so much of […]

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SLIP: Words on Self-Love

Slip: Shame Loneliness Isolation Pain February 15, 2018 © Ariel C. Williams   Cut myself off from love Mama grabbed me by the face and cried Said she don’t want her baby Hurting and raging inside   Said I was made to love  To be loved and a help mate that’s whole That I should […]

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The Duality of Truthfulness

When most urban teenagers turn 18, the typical rites of passage that populate their minds are entering nightclubs for the first time, or swigging their first underage drink. In some capacity, their activities of choice are rooted in things that are socially acceptable among the cliques they associate. In today’s street vernacular, we’d call this […]

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