Stinky Waters

Stinky Waters

Stephanie stood at the top of the stairs shaking her head and tapping her foot. It was the third time this month she reminded Dan and Emma to toss their clothes in the hamper instead of the floor. While trying to keep her cool, she asked Emma, “Didn’t I tell you to put your dirty clothes in the brown basket?”

“I forgot,” she replied. “It’s not that big of a deal, Mom.”

“Yeah, honey,” said Dan. “Lighten up. We’ll get to it today.”

“Why does it always require ‘getting to it’ when I ask you guys to clean up behind yourselves?”

“Well, I have track, soccer, and dance, Mom,” replied Emma.

“And work takes up so much of my time,” replied Dan.

“Fine,” Stephanie said, shortly. “From now on, I won’t ask either of you to clean. Throw your laundry all over the house if you please.”

“Dad, maybe we took it too far. Mom seems mad,” said Emma, hesitantly.

“Don’t worry. In a few minutes Steph will forget all about it,” replied Dan.

“Dan, why is a man with cleaning supplies knocking on our door?” Stephanie asked.

“Let him in, Steph. He’s here to solve our stinky little problem!”


© Ariel C. Williams

March 11, 2018


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