Green with Envy

Green with Envy

Nothing stranger could have happened today, Michael thought to himself as he found a huge green box on the front porch. The sides were shiny, and the top seemed to have a surface flatter than any one he’d ever seen.

“Who could have sent me this?” Michael said aloud. “I haven’t given anyone my new address yet.”

Mr. and Mrs. Stephens casually walked by like they do every morning. A quick hello from the street took place only…slower. Michael noticed it but thought nothing of it.

“Let’s get it inside, Bonnie. Scoot over, will ya.”

Bonnie scurried out of Michael’s path while wagging her brown tail. She’d already fallen in love with the green box. It would make a great temporary home while the rest of their furniture was being shipped from Seattle.

Michael found a pair of scissors in the kitchen and calmly opened the beautiful, mysterious box. He wasn’t sure what to expect but started feeling more excited by the second. Could this be the year he finally moves on from a hurtful past into a promising future? Let’s hope.

“Well I’ll be damned.”

Bonnie shrieked and ran into the corner covering her face. The only thing that differentiated the pup from being human was her tail. She felt emotions like any person would. And in this moment, she could feel that Michael wasn’t okay.

“I’m tired of this endless search. Just when I decided to close this chapter of my life, this stupid box appears at my front door. Well, you can take it back.”

Fifteen minutes later he found himself in the shower. Taking showers had become Michael’s coping mechanism for when he was triggered by the loss of his parents. In his mind, he believed that if he’d become clean and clear his body of dirt and stains his parents would want him. At 37, he was embarrassed to share this with anyone…but 27 years of doing the same thing just made it normal.

“I’m sorry for scaring you, Bons,” Michael said softly to his best friend huddled in the corner. Moments like these reminded Michael of how much he and Bonnie have been through. No matter what, Bonnie would never leave or betray her owner.

The two made up and slowly walked back to the box in the living room. Michael pulled out photos of his younger self that he’d never seen before. One in particular seemed to have captured him and a puppy that looked identical to Bonnie.

Bonnie’s tail immediately started wagging as the doorbell rang. It was the Stephens. Michael instantly remembered how slowly they spoke to him that morning and hesitantly opened the door.

“Hi Michael. We’re sorry to bother you,” said Helen. “It’s just…we saw you take a large green box into your house this morning. We waved at you slowly because a friend sent us a large package, but we haven’t gotten it yet. John and I were just wondering if it got to you by mistake.”

“I probably shouldn’t have this package, but it has my name on it. And there are pictures of me as a child in here. Pictures I’ve never seen and don’t remember taking,” replied Michael.

“Our ‘friend’ is a DNA agency from Des Moines. The office sends a colored box once they’ve found a match. For us, it’d be for a child and pup we lost over 30 years ago.”

Michael froze. Either this was a cruel joke or a grave coincidence. He moved 700 miles away from his last home to finally end the search for his parents. Could it be that he moved right across the street from them?

“Would you mind if I took a peek in your box, Michael? Please,” Helen asked.


Two minutes later, Helen stood up with tears in her eyes and said to Michael, “you both have come home.”

Stunned by this appointment, Michael broke into tears. Bonnie jumped continuously. The duo was happy, but John wasn’t yet convinced. He peered into the box himself to search through the evidence.

With a red face, he looked up at Michael, Bonnie and Helen and said, “Well I’ll be damn!”

The family was reunited at last.

© Ariel C. Williams

March 24, 2018


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